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Photoshoot Fun!

Hey guys! Sorry for my lack of posts, I know this is my first post of 2018! But I have plenty to come since our weddings season is around the corner! So for a fun little creative outlet, I help out photographers with photo shoots and it is so much fun to watch these woman transform, and feel pretty in such a small amount of time. I'm so happy I get to be apart of such a little but big gesture. These are two different photoshoot days and one was for a maternity shoot, and the other was a woman who had come with a friend for moral support, to do photos for her boyfriend, and they turned out great!

If you guys have any questions on the looks, applications, or products please let me know! I love doing photogenic makeup, I have learned a lot in the Bridal classes I took with Aveda, firm on application so photos come through flawlessly! cause even outside of a photoshoot your makeup should feel unstoppable for any obstacle's, if it be weather, flash back from camera's , or a bright sunny day!

Both photos taken by Scott Church from Lebanon PA, Great local photographer for any needs

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