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Blue Skies and Skirts with Pop Shots Photo

You guys, when I met Alyssa with Pop Shots Photo from Mechanicsburg, PA. I was instantly in love, this woman just reeks of inspiration and just pure good hearted vibes. She is such a strong and dedicated woman with so much passion life you cant help but soak it up. I was contacted by Alyssa and Erica for makeup services and they wanted to use my big puffy beautiful blue skirt from Mr.Pretty Skirts. This skirt is life, and it was more then I could of ever imagined when it came in the mail I was so freaking surprised by this perfection. For the price it was so worth it so check em' out!

This was the first time I was also meeting Erica, She was the first person I had talked to when it came to this project, and she is super sweet, organized and can wear just about any look. Her face is sweet and beautiful, with such sharp eyes you cant help but be captivated by her look. This sunflower field was right off the road in Mechanicsburg and was so worth the drive, they even had three different growth levels so really you had all options of sunflowers here, it was amazing!

Look at this face, we used all Aveda for face, and Urban Decays Heat palette , mixed with some Anastasia for the full warmth and depth for these sunflower vibes. I always use my Mac pot liner, all time fav for applications and long wear. Aveda Lips since they have sooooo many lip lines and lip colors now its insane!

IM WALKING ON SUNSHINE! How can you now smile surrounded by such loveliness!

No matter the weather, Alyssa got the shot. Cloudy days add for a very nice moody look, and with all the yellow sunflowers you dont get lost it the darkness. These two came together and we all made an amazing final look, so whether you are looking for a model, or a photography, these two are great to work with! If you have any questions on this look, let me know!

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