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New year, New site, New me!

Hey guys! Just doing a quick post to kind of explain my transition into the new year of 2020! Same great flavors just a new look and way more to offer. As of January you might not recognize this site as I will be doing an overhaul for so many great reasons. but dont worry your at the right place! After expanding a lot of my education and really thinking about what I wanted to offer you guys, my awesome clients. I needed more for you. So I have changed job location, and want to offer more then just makeup! I got some goodies for you, trust me

Stay tuned for all the new great offers and new look in just a couple weeks, and who doesn't wanna see all the end of the year weddings with all the awesome cozy vibes and warm colors to bring us into the new year. Thank you all for a great year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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