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Behind the Brand


I was never one to blend into a crowd so I knew I needed something catchy and Mashup Look felt so right. I dont want to stick to one style, look or client. Im inspired be each and every one of you.

Though these last few years have been trying, I have been inspired to make dreams happen and not leave them in the clouds. This past year started a new journey for me, my very own skincare center!! I am so excited to share my workroom with you!! The more I do makeup, the more I realize how many people are truely uncomfortable in your own skin. When I see what makeup can do for a day, I want you to feel that way every day, without makeup.

Millie's Workroom is an inclusive skincare center in the heart of Hummelstown PA.

You guys have been my drive and inspiration, I strive to create a safe space for any human and want you to know you can be serviced in a comfortable space no matter what the conerns are.

behind the inspo

When you come into my space you will find chunks of Labradorite hiding in every corner, this stone represents strength in transformation, protects against negative energies and awareness of self. While this stone resinates with me the colors are what makes my brand.


 Another fun fact is I bring rose quarts with me to every wedding!!


my natural marks

As much as my creativity fuels me, it also is an outlet for me when it comes to decorating my body. Tattoo's have been a big part of my life and it helps me define myself in a visual way.

All my art has a story whether deep, or just a fun memory. I have a passion for a creative flair no matter the wear.

Fun fact! I used to do tattoos fresh out of high school!


2022 GOALS:

This year my passion is to learn more about sound bathing. Singing bowls and vibrational healing is something I would love to provide for all clients. These vibrations help with anxiety and energy build up in chakra's

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