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I was never one to blend into a crowd so I knew I needed something catchy and Mashup Look felt so right. I dont want to stick to one style, look or client. Im inspired be each and every one of you.

Throughout my life I have had a huge range of friends and I love what each person has brought to my life and my insight. Influencing people with my craft has always fulfilled me and I love creating a personalized look for each friend, client and human. I am here to service all forms of love in the world. I am a Temptu Airbrush makeup artist but can also provide a traditional application if prefered.

After 5 years of makeup, I finally dove into the profession of skin care. Makeup is amazing and inspiring, but finding your most radiant skin is even more rewarding, We can work together to get your skin glowing for your big day no matter the event!


Fun Fact #1

Branding Colors


Blues, golds and greens are the colors that define me to my core, and are reflected in my favorite stone! Also this color combo is often presented in a lot of my body art, I have quite the collection of ink! This amazing jacket was hand crafted by the one and only Chelsea of  ROBINHILL brand in Baltimore MD. she is highly recommended!!


Abstract Background


RobinHill Brand


Fun Fact #2



Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, to any eye at a glance it looks like any normal stone, but under the right light you see brilliant blues, greens and golds. This stone helps promote strengh and transformation under the right light you will see all the beauty we hold!


Every Branding Image

Pop Shot Photography took


Fun Fact #3

Rose Quartz


I carry a nice hearty chunk of rose quartz in my makeup bag to all my weddings! This stone carries compassion, peace, tenderness and most of all unconditional love with it everywhere it goes and I want to spread as much love as possible! This is the beginning of your new forever!


Pop Shot Photography

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Things I Learned in 2020

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6 book series By Melissa Meyers

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this is not covid related but cystic fibrosis based

MashUp Look Services all forms of love:

Love radiates in all of us and you have a safe place here

LGTBQIA+ of all races, genders, and sexuality

Zero tollerance policy for any forms of discrimination

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