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Behind the Brand


Mashup Look is a brain child that was born 7 years ago. My inner artist is inspired by each and every one of you, so I want to do it all and serve it all.

I have had so many new things happen in the last 3 years and its all because of you. Sharing your skin and makeup goals with me can be intimate, and frustrating. While makeup can make you glow for a day, I wanted to help find a solution for my clients that had deeper skin issues. So you can feel like a bad B without makeup. So a year ago I opened my very own skincare workroom. I am here to provide services for all genders, sexes and races. I strive to build a safe space for any human no matter what the concerns are. 

Millie's Workroom is located in the heart of Hummelstown, Pa. I am growing my services every 6 months with education and research on products that will deliver safe and efficient results for all skin types.


behind the inspo

When you come into my space you will find chunks of Labradorite hiding in every corner, this stone represents strength in transformation, protects against negative energies and awareness of self. While this stone resinates with me the colors are what makes my brand.


 Another fun fact is I bring rose quarts with me to every wedding!!


self care

Self care starts with you. This year I hope to bring more awareness to my inner needs and inspirations. 

We often fall into patterns and get uninspired. I want to grow and be better with every day. I wear scents that ground me, appreciate authentic lavender, and have grown to trust what is thrown in my path. I follow my intuition, and pick my battles. This brings me so much happiness along with really good food, and a freshly baked dessert!


2023 GOALS:

This year my passion is to learn more about sound bathing at a larger scale,


learn about intimate skin brightening,


and bring in a cryo spot treatment for age spots and skin tags. 

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