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So iv had the pleasure of doing multiple looks on Stacia and it was an honor and an inspiration.

I was inspired to do a really high fashion look on her and a super natural look.

Stacia has Alopecia and is something that's been familiar to her since childhood. Along with this comes the lack or loss of some or all hair. Her complexion is absolutely stunning, and soft to the touch. I'm so very happy she let me create these looks on her.

I'm always big on my skin friendly stuff!

always hydrating the skin before I put any make up on. especially knowing we were going to do two looks in one day. I also shared another image at the bottom to show off this bright photoshoot look!

below here is the natural look I did on her, with brows and lashes. It was fun to explore...


This photo set is the before and after of Stacia with the natural look. This was my first time exploring the art of drawing brows on a blank canvas. This was challenging and exciting all at the same time, and I have Urban Decays brow box to thank for that! Other then that you guys know me and my Aveda, the face is all Aveda, from foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and blush. The gloss is Bare Minerals.

\I can not thank her enough for letting me put so many faces on her, and letting me get creative. this was a great opportunity and I cant wait to do more with her :D

All Photos in this blog post were taken by Jason M. Photography

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