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Celena && Brandon

I met Celena through a close friend, and I was so down for this Twilight themed wedding. I mean we were in the middle of no where in northern Maryland, but it was worth the drive! Celena is a simpleton and she lives in Florida. Though born and raised here, with all her family located here. They knew the wedding would be here. Through planning and trials done on weekend visits. We were able to connect and create a super natural look fit for a forest wedding.

October is prime time for weddings, and while this was tucked away in the mountains, it made for a beautiful aesthetic without miles of hiking, and it was the perfect temp for an outdoor wedding. All her vendors were from central Pa even though this was in Hagerstown MD. All these images were taken by Garnet Dahlia from Lebanon PA. This was my first time working a wedding with her, her images are bold, moody and emotional. I can feel the story unfolding with each image she takes.

Celena and Brandon wanted a Twilight themed wedding. Dont judge me, I have yet to watch Twilight! Their wedding was held in a forest with raw timber benches, lined with ferns, and sky tall evergreens.

It was whimsical and elegant in a raw way. I love the balance of soft beauty and structured ferns. I have never done a wedding like this before, and I love the amount of natural weddings I am getting this year. There were very few florals, and the tables themselves had large fern plants as the center peices, rather then cut stems, so that the plants can be reused or rehomed with someone from the wedding who was interested.

I have seen flower seed packs, or baby succulants too as a take home gift at weddings as well and I think its such a great way to spread the love and memories of your day for days to come!

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