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Kara && Sean

This wedding was a doozy!! If you play your cards right, I could be IN your wedding. No but really, I met Kara for her engagement session, I was doing makeup for her on a 100 degree day, where she was going to frolic with her fiance in the fields of Devils Den in Gettysburg with Kylee B Photography. Her wedding was in the planning and we became so close, 6 months before her wedding she had a party change, and asked if I'd be willing to join! I was super excited and went into work and friend mode. I actually made all the boutonniere's for the men that day, and they were hand crafted with feathers that Kara had harvested herself from a pheasant that season.

This is going to be a long blog. Kara is huge of sustainability and she knew with planning a wedding, she was going to take action. She single handedly thrifted, created or traded for absolutely everything she used at her wedding. And it is probably one of the coolest themes and aesthetics I have seen for a wedding, and this was no easy task. I know I alone spent many a days thrifting and antiqueing with Kara to make sure she had all she needed. Kara is a chef and wants to lead a homestead life and is very causious of her carbon foot print and impact she has on the environment and world around her.

I had mentioned Kylee before, and Kylee B Photography has captured every image in this blog, Kylee is a all time favorite of mine. her bold, colorfull images capture youre heart and soul in the way a sunset can make you watch it night after night.

Kara and Sean are hunters and gatherers, its in their roots. Dont call them during hunting season, especially Kara! Her ideas were authentic and so true to her it was beautiful, she wanted a whimsical forest vibe, with an elegant flair. She found lanterns, and safe burning candles, and moss and ferns for every tabel.

Her bows and arrows for her table settings, with robin hood moments. Gave this wedding a unique theme all its own. They had planning help from none other then Taryn with Taryn Blake Events, they are a highly recommended planning team. especially at this location! Historic Shadey Lane has so many wedding options, you can have any style, theme, or size wedding with private suites for each party, on location. They have golf carts, and tenants to help you get to where you need to go with plenty of parking!

This was a large party on both sides! But these were mostly all family members or close friends!

While we spent plenty of time getting ready, its amazing how fast the time goes in the morning. Before you know it your putting your dress on and flying out the door, I didnt even realize I forgot my own mascara and lashes till I looked at these pictures haha! Kara is an all natural babe who doesnt really wear makeup so I knew we needed a gentle approach with a good balance especailly with this bouquet by Woodland Floral Design Co!

I was so happy to be apart of this day in planning, prep, and participation! This was a really fun crew, It was really mostly a family mix of siblings and cousins, then Sean had his whole military group wth him! You know thats a tight knit group of men and wives, so they traveled from all over to be there for Sean on his big day, and Seans Irish, so they know how to party, and hard!

but with a good party, you need good food! Kara and Sean knew they wanted clean, delicous food. They were catered by Farmacy Cafe and Catering in Felton, PA. They have so many delicious options to choose from! and they just opened a sit in cafe in Baltimore, MD! They also went with Duck Donuts for their sweets, lots of cake donuts, with mini pies! I am a sucker for honey so I went home with a few of these honey straws from Homestead!

Then it seems like that you blink, and the receptions over, your dancing the night away, but its golden hour, and we need to slip out for a few golden hour images with the newly married couple. If you guys follow Kylee you know this is one of her staple shots, and partly because of her color editing. She just knows what shes doing, and with a white dress!! it just makes everything pop!

I will never forget how many times I heard, brown or white boots? BROWN!

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