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Kaitlyn && Jason

Okay so beside this being the best vendor team ever, can we first talk about Kaitlyn and Jason's wedding colors!? This was a prime October wedding with all the rich fall colors to just get lost in. This is such a rich set and who better to capture it other then the amazing Kylee with Kylee B Photography!! You guys knows Im obsessed with her, but if this wedding doesnt show you why, then I am not sure what else cold make it much clearer. I think that Kylee and this couple are a match made in heaven! It seems like this is a creatives dreams, once you see how each color feeds the other,

you will totally get it. I mean even these shoes with the boutonniere is to die for. While October was beautiful and the sun was out a lot, this was deep in the valley near Penn State, and let me tell you. That was our first brisk day of the year. and when I say brisk, oooo do I mean it. The sun wasnt even warming you up, but thank goodness the sun was beaming that day!

The day went insanely smooth thanks to Simply Soiree Wedding Planning, they have plenty of planners but for some reason the universe always sets me up with Amy from their team. I absolutely lover her, and not only is she on top of everything, she is super easy going and has a fun loveing spirit thats contagious! I mean it when I say a planner or cordinator for your big day is such a must have!! give yourself a break and book one!

Getting Kaitlyn ready was a breeze, her wedding party was super laid back, with bold dresses! You can see how the shade of the blue in the suits can make all the other colors pop even more.

I love fall brides cause it brings all my bold mama's out! We often go with darker lip colors, richer dress colors, and flower combos. We tweaked her look a little from her trial and ended up with a super mono-chromatic look. We used the same shades in her eyes, lips and cheeks. Its rare you end up leaning that way, but its great for creating a super cohesive look thats simple but playful.

Lets talk aout these florals!! You guys know that Kristen from Blossom Bliss is like the flower goddess of all time. This lady and her team can create absolutely anything you can possiblty think of with the perfect balance of color and texture. I am always honored to work by her side in any wedding or photo shoot. Her creative ability is untouchable and she is yet another vendor with a heart of gold. I dont know if Kaitlyn is just a good vibe magnet or what, but all her vendors are pure hearted amazing people that really care about you and your wedding day!

Hair was styled by Kaitlyns regular stylist that also does bridal styles, her name is Seren out of Lancaster PA, She has a Sola Salon in Lancaster county and goes by Styles by Seren

I am a sucker for family style seating, I'm not going to lie! Its such a beautiful display and its so welcoming! Simple Soiree had set up these long eating tables, lined with candles, eucalyptus, and plateing decor. An elegant feeding for a large family.

Their venue at Millstone Farm and Inn in Mill Hall, PA is beautiful for really any size wedding. They have a little outdoor pagoda and a barn that allows for a larger reception area or indoor wedding spot as well. It allows you to feel like your at home but in an elevated way.

This location has history and you can feel it when your there, it is an old renovated bank barn from 1881,this has 35 foot ceilings for a really grand feeling. The outdoor area has a small timber frame Gazebo that runs next to Cedar Run Creek, lined by open fields. Its a hidden gem of a wedding venue.

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