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Prom month is here!

I got to start this years prom season off with these two beautiful girls!! check out how I got the look:

I did prep both of these young girls with Botanical Kinetics exfoliant, toning mist, and hydrating lotion. They both had some blemishes and/or acne as these great teen years bring, so I was able to show you how well the Aveda consealer and duel foundation can really cover the skin evenly!

What I love about prom is the natural the better. I love bring out the natural beauty in these young ladies on such a big night. I filled the brow in just lightly using a mascara wand with some wax and brow powder from my *Urban Decay BB. I didn't wanna get to filled in with her natural shape and darkness. Urban Decay Naked Pallet for the eyes, and again all Aveda for the face including blush, she brought her own *UD lipstick so I used my *UD 24 hr lip liner, color Weirdo.

I enjoyed using Aveda's new highlighter for more of a glam look !

For her, she wanted to be even more natural, I used Aveda's concealer to even out her skin, I also stuck with the tinted moisturized and duel powder. I was really happy with this look, and seeing her smile at the end was all the validation I needed. I used the UD weirdo lip liner and Aveda's Desert Earth lip glaze.

Stay tuned for more prom looks this month!

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