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Something Blue && Fun!

I was super pumped to do this fun prom look! We went the elegant route with pops of glitter!!

Rina showed up with this idea and I got this mermaid Egyptian feel that I wanted to run with.

I used a mix of products for this look but mainly the glitter line was an easy application with Urban Decays Glam Rock Glitter Liner!

Such a beautiful and wild look! the rest of the face is my go to Aveda. I used Aveda skin prep line of Botanical Kinetics exfoliant, toning mist and hydration lotion. Followed with Aveda's concealer, duel powder foundation, and blush.

NYX eye shadows, this was my first time using their palette and I was impressed with the pigments and vibrancy.

I used Urban Decay Brow box with a mascara wand to keep the brows super natural and not drawn in.

Lips are Urban Decays weirdo liner and Aveda's Raspberry Tea lip glaze . I couldn't be happier with this application and outcome!!

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