• Ashley "Millie" Miller


I am so pumped to be sharing these images I just received. This look has been on my mind for months now and I'm so happy with the outcome!

Cameron is rocking this look, I got highlighter happy!

that's right you guessed it, this face is all Aveda.

I used their tinted moisturizer mixed with their highlighter to get this highlighter shimmer across the face so get the "everything glows" look.

I used Aveda's seasonal Rare Bloom eyeshadow set.

Aveda Blush, and concealer.

Aveda's Desert Earth lip glaze

Urban Decays Weirdo lip liner

*all photos taken in this blog share were taken by Jason M. Photography in Central PA*

I'm so obsessed with this look on him.

I used a mascara wand on Aveda's creamy black eye definer to shape his beautiful brows.

A lot of this application for the high shine look I learned in my last Aveda class and it was one of those moments where in the middle of the demonstration I squealed in excitement! Cause now I could finally achieve this look I was craving so badly!

Down below I will be sharing photos of the same look. But we switched it up a bit.

I added Aveda's black eye definer to the inner wet line for a bolder look, and lined the bottom lash line with the rare blooms dark purple.

I also changed the lips by using Kat Von D's Coven Lip stick, and I searched everywhere for the perfect color! or...color i was looking for! Purples are really hard to come by, specially in different shades.

This definitely takes the look to the next level and to be honest, I'M COMPLETLY OBSESSED!!!!!


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