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Experimental Fun!

hey guys! Back with some photos a friend Tom took of me, this was kind of a personal experiment but I really loved the outcome! I can explain what I did in the photo, if looking for more details, email me! I had a lot of fun with this look and was kind of a first time try.

I used all Aveda products on this look, I started with all their skin care per usual. I used their lip primer stick, witch is amazing for any lipstick base! I followed with an all over application of their Aspen tinted moisture, even over my lips, I also mixed this with their lightest shade of concealer for a more full coverage. I set everything with their duel foundation powder, that I'm in love with. I used their cacao eye definer for my brows, and black orchid on my eyes. I truly enjoy all of Aveda's blushes, but one of my most favorite things is, this lip liner! Aveda just came out with like 25 new smooth, and creamy, long wear lip sticks and I think 8 new liners! This is their Morello Lipstick.I have recently gotten about half of them and have loved them all so far! Really rich and wonderful pigments...this hair was an experiment witch I truly enjoyed, I'm sure a lot of you have heard the little fad of wrapping your hair around a wooden pencil and putting a flat iron to it to get these super tight cork screw curls, and it was so worth all the time and effort!

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