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Ooooohoo Witchy Woman

Hey guys! Back again with a really fun photoshoot look! I had a lot of fun creating this look and it was a first time try for me. This entire face is Aveda except for the red eye shadow around the eyes. This look I know most people turn to your classic Halloween makeup, that never dries or if it does, it feels like your peeling your face off with it at the end of the night. This little trick is a favorite of mine I barely get to use, but have been playing with it a lot in the last two photoshoots I styled. Aveda's Toning Mist I love for many reasons, one is you can make any shadow pretty much into a face paint that's bold and easy to utilize.

I made a dust pile of red eyeshadow and soaked it up in a triangle sponge, and grazed it along her skin for a more rustic placement. We were going for a more wild look, not so clean. I love what we achieved here, I felt like a brush would have been to direct, witch I will be sharing an example of in a post soon with gold pigment. I also used Aveda Poppy Embers lipstick, and lip primer, witch is amazing! it helps keep your lips in place all day! If you guys have any questions about this look that I might not have shared, or you are looking for more details please just email me! and I will get back to you.

These two photos were taken by John Narvon, who can be found on IG and Facebook !!

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