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Everybody gets Lips!

So this week I had an all new experience, witch seems to be the trend this year so far. I was apart of a workshop held by the creator of Devilbliss Studios, who stands behind all things beautiful and retro. Mike is a super great person who spends his days uplifting woman and couples to be their retro best and I was happy to help him with anything. He came to me asking to show my talents in front of wondering woman. Make up?! some people would say is a four letter word. It can be overwhelming, we go into stores not having a clue and feeling self conscious about how to go about any questions, and heck some times the people we ask have no clue how to help you either. So I paired up with Lizz Maldonado from the York area, whos a master or hair styling and color! people travel for her services and she is well worth it in skill and personality. This experience was all I could of ever expected, it was fun to be in front of a group and do mini demo's, answers everyone's detailed questions. I got to put big red lips on everyone that day! No one felt comfortable with a shade that worked for them so I picked hues, and applied a nice bold lip! Iv never seen so many people take note's on hair and makeup, so I know these ladies were soaking it up! I love spreading my knowledge so if ever in doubt, you can count on me, if you need services outside of makeup, I know plenty of people to recommend. And ladies!! if you are ever looking for an uplifting fun photo experience, id recommend a lot of people but Mike with Retro Lovely is an amazing man to help you with all your needs, and heck I might even be that gal that does you makeup!! check his site you at , Lizz can be found on facebook or IG as Sylish Lizzard. I couldn't of asked for a better team, thanks to all who came!

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