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Prince of Darkness

Hey guys! Starting this blog off with a picture right away! This is the gold look iv been waiting to share with you guys! I had a lot of fun creating this look for a photo concept I had in mind, add a crown and we got ourselves the perfect prince of darkness. You guys know me, I'm all about my Aveda face prep and skin care, I added their highlighter to their tinted moisture for a nice sheen that didn't take away from the metallic gold. I used Aveda's Amazonia bronzer for a nice warm cheek. The gold pigment was provided by the photographer, but it is an earth/skin friendly pigment that I mixed with Aveda's Toning mist and painted on the face for a skin friendly ware. It makes it super easy to put on and get off the skin. I did more of a masculine warrior look on Cameron and a more feminine warrior look on myself. I love the outcome so I wanted to share some headshots from our shoot, for more details just email me!

all photos taken by Jason M. Photography in Central Pa

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