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Broken Dolls Photoshoot

Lots of bow fluffing this day!!

Comin' at you with another photoshoot with Kylee B. photography. I was super inspired by the broken doll aspects of posing and makeup. I got really crafty and make some fashion bows to match the outfits I had picked our for me and my friend Rina. The floral prints were speaking to me. Iv never really done anything like this before so I am excited to share this with you guys let alone be apart of it!

All photos shot by Kylee B Photography :

These were taken at Rina's house in Hershey which was a perfect location!

For the brows on this look I use NYX cream pot liners in almost every color, they also had a red and a deeper blue. The gold is even a little shimmery. On the lips I used Aveda's feed your lips, shade Goli. And their seasonal spring blush for this year. and tons of their highlighter! Rina above here had such bright hair to set off everything so perfectly with her little yellow bow. Below I really love my curly bangs and big lashes!! this was a super fun shoot and I had tons of fun creating these looks!

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