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Micaela && Bryan

These girls were such a blast! I'm so happy I go to team up with Lindsay and Sara from Hair and Makeup by Sara K. We were on location at The Booking House in Manheim PA. This was a beautiful September day, one of the few in the midst of this dreary summer, not to add that it was a hurricane weekend.

THAT being said, all photos shared in this blog post are from a super amazing team that made this day happen! They drove from Florida! with cancelled flights! and they truly Delivered. you can find this dynamic duo The Lemons on their website and on social media platforms IG && FB.

I had a lot of fun with this wedding color pallet, this is a beautiful color and what a way to set off the sunflowers in the bouquets!! I am always consistent with my face prep and skin care for make up applications. if anyone has an questions on these looks or availability on upcoming events just email me!

look at these girls in there lounge wear!! Too cuteee!!

This morning was full of smiles and giggles, I love being on location, it totally sets the vibe for the whole day and there was so much space to get ready for all these girls, its refreshing!

These two nailed it. Such a dapper man for such a beautiful woman! what a combo! you can tell they have so much to look forward to and I'm so grateful be to able to be apart of such a defining and wonderful day. To Micaela and Bryan! Congrats!

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