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Sarah and Emily get Hitched!

(image by Maura Pierce, captured at Linwood Estates in Carlisle PA)

Hey Guys! Starting off the year busy and with lots of new things on the plate! Lets start off with these two, I got to be apart of this shoot which was super exciting. What an inspiring location, we all met up at Linwood Estates in Carlisle. As planned by Maura Pierce the lead photographer and event coordinator for the day. She arranged all of this for "us" and she did a fantastic job! this will be a pretty long blog with lots of amazing photos by Maura. With each photo set I will have the information about what is captured underneath the photo.

This location is breathtaking! I loved this display in the big room when you first walk in.


This stationary was simple and elegant, I love the pops of rich burgundy and simplistic lettering. These were hand crafter by Ian who can be found on IG

and with any beautiful display you obviously need a cake and some flowers, these table setups and flowers arrangements, accents and bouquets all were put together by the hands of Rhapsody In Bloom she can be found on IG as

and as these flowers were from Rhapsody In Bloom, Farm House Cakes from Lancaster arranged these blooms on this cake and what a display! these colors stack so perfectly on this naked cake, and I have witnessed her cakes and my my are the delicious! good enough to make an excuse to need a cake! she can be found on IG as @Famrhouse_cakes

I love the look of real flowers on a cake! Don't let it scare you!

these two are stunning in their bridal wear, this beautiful gown was from Tiffany's Bridal Boutique, on IG they can be found as @tiffanysbridalboutiquepa

but these two beautiful ladies modeled these looks so elegantly, on the left we have Emily Boyd ( @emily_boyd3 ) and on the right is Sarah Shellhorn ( @model.sarah.shellhorn ) . These girls did such an amazing job, they were laid back, easy to work with and braved the cold for these beautiful outdoor shots. I really cant thank Maura enough for planning all of this and allowing me to be apart of this whole thing. These final looks came together perfectly. If you have any questions about these looks or applications don't hesitate to ask, just send me an email! My 2019 calendar is open and im ready for booking!!

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