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Behind the Bash Preparation!

(all photos taken by Kylee B Photography)

Big news this year guys!! As I will be kind of pairing up with Kylee B Photography. She is a Wedding / all things creative photographer in York, PA. We have done a lot of stuff together, as I'm sure you have seen in my previous posts. York holds a Behind the Bash wedding convention twice a year, so local, alternative vendors can come together to promote themselves to new and up in coming brides, so what a great opportunity to showcase some work right!? Sarah from Hair and Makeup by Sara K did all the hair for this day, her talent is shown by all the different styles she proved for all these great ladies! And this will be her second time at Behind the Bash!

This event is in April so we were working with cold weather and honestly this was the one and only day without snow or crazy winds!! So I was so very thankful, and so thankful for all my friends willing to help me out and be models. Above are Lauren and Caleb, Lauren is my all natural bronze bride. I got to do her wedding makeup for her big day and she has such great natural features I knew exactly who to call. You guys knows I am all about my Aveda products for face, if you have any questions on this look just let me know. Lauren is one of four bridal looks from this display, The navy blue really sets this look of for them on this overcast day.

they make it look so easy to fall in love!

Up next! We have Chelsea, another natural look but in a more Boho kind of way. When she showed me her display of white dresses I knew exactly where this look was headed, with a braid crown, and flowers displayed throughout, with a nice natural glow to match her beautiful red hair.

Beautiful braids by Sara K

these eyes.

I love how once we added the pink little flowers to her hair, the pink blush really popped, her beautiful fair skin really glowed in this set, she looks so whimsical in this dress.

The next two looks I am going to add together since Olya is a bright bridesmaid, and Courtney is our colorful bride. The bouquet on display throughout these photos will have more information at the end of this blog, but its what ties these two together. With these two being really friends it was great to have such genuine laughs between the two of them. These photos really show off these flowers and how even the dullest back ground can be spruced up with these two and some color!

You can feel the laughter!!!

these two made my job so easy and fun, I could hang with this whole crew every day.

Bold looks with bold colors

Last but not least, this beautiful flower display was made by the hands of Maria, at Maria's Flowers on Chocolate in Hershey PA. She is right off the main drag when you come through town, shes a lovely local florist with super unique displays! you can find her at

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