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Boudoir Fun with Annie

So back with some Boudoir fun, back in February I got to be apart of a Boudoir Extravaganza! Annie Minicuci and Kylee B both paired up for hold an all day event at Historic Shady Lane's little wedding cottage and it was to cute. They had floral sets on display by Blossom Bliss Florist from York. Clients got to choose between couples or singles sessions, and who better tog et cozy photos with then your loved one. It was such a fun, fast paced, wonderful day. We were welcomed by a little birdy, but we freed him as soon as we could! then back to business. These ladies do great work as photographers and make a photo session so smooth, youll forget your even getting your picture taken.

All photos shared in this blog were taken by Annie Minicuci Photography

This cute vintage couch is such a great touch in this wedding cottage!!

(Floral Crown by Blossom Bliss Florist along with greenery below)

flowers displayed again, with cozy blankets and soft hues, such a great boudoir location!

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