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Devils Den with Kylee

I obviously had to start this out with a photo. You can obviously see why I love working with Kylee from Kylee B photography in York. This is probably one of the most inspiring shoots I'v done makeup for, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with this insanely creative group. There was one other photographer on seen this day, names Tom Pappa, but he will be my next blog so be sure to check that out!

But as we go on. This year I am really trying to push myself for new looks and new experiences, This is a bold bridal look thats been on my mind for awhile. I saw this skirt on and the ideas just kept going from there, what top, what location, and it all fell together. We are located at Devils Den in Gettysburg, PA. Such an amazing display of rocks, and lots of history. and this day could not have gone any smother. Courtney came on location with me to get our model Sarah here ready for the shoot. We had dense spotty clouds that provided a mas array of cloudy back drops and moody portraits, a little breeze the at the ethereal look. and my god, I dont think we could have done better. I will share vendors as I post photos through this blog post.

(Sarah can be found on IG as @Sarahlexmodel)

Sarah has such an elegant beauty to her I knew she was the face for this look. She wears this bold eye so well, with this beautiful natural Desert Earth lip glaze from Aveda.

( Rhapsody in Bloom can be found on IG ) Our bouquet was hand built by Bridget from Rhapsody in Bloom, in Palmyra, PA. I honestly just showed her the skirt, shared some ideas, and the location, and let her run with it. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome, this rustic but elegant bouquet was the perfect balance to all this stone, and tulle. Her vision completed our look!

( Ian can be found on IG @Lettering_by_ian )

Gotta break up all these elegant shots with some details! As you can see here I had some invites created for our shoot, Ian did the invites in the last styled shoot I did a blog about with Maura Pierce Photography. And I just loved the unique, whimsical rawness of his work. He is from the Carlisle area, so anyone in central pa, or farther dont be scared to check him out! Also you can see these insanely cool and unique jewelry, my favorite was honestly the ear rings, but all these pieces are from Knock Knock Boutique in Hershey, PA. I could of shopped in there forever, but once I looked at least I think I saw everything in there, this super cute little necklace was just the perfect set.

Such beautiful displays of boulders

...and textured grass..

We even got to play with smoke bombs and double exposures!

If anyone has questions on this look or future services just send me a message!

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