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Devils Den with Tom Pappa

Tom Pappa is a Baltimore, MD Wedding photography who tagged along for our styled shoot at Devils Den. He offered a different eye then Kylee and did a lot of detail and getting ready shots. I love working with Tom and Kylee because they do soft moody edits that are elegant but dramatic all at the same time. Tom captured the photo, that is the header to my page right now and I feel like it delivers a strong but beautiful girl. Something I like to feel and provide for other women. Through these images you will watch Sarah get ready for her day, actions shots and images all provided by Tom Pappa who can be found at and on IG as @Tompappaphoto.

Your would swear we walked into a little wedding cottage or something with how Sarah had her home set up. It was insanely cute and quant as you will see. Courtney From Steele Hair Salon is prepping her hair for the super cute formal style you see below. She can be found on IG as @cmthomas219, this is another craft and I let her run with the ideas she had for this shoot. I was running on pure inspiration with each party.

She always comes prepared with everything she needs! Love these soft tendrils !

Now comes my section..ehm …..memememememe…..I explained more of where I got the inspiration for this look in my blog with Kylee, but, Sarah is someone I have done makeup on a couple times for boudoir, or events and shes is so laid back, easy to work with and naturally beautiful. I love the shape of her eyes, and knew she would be so great for that bold piercing eye look. and man was I ready for this look. Without really having a set plan, this look came together better then I could of ever imagined. oh and I am on IG as @mashuplook!!

a little bronzer...

some lashes....and lips...

...and we have our final look!!

Before I share more of Toms amazing work with Sarah, let me share these details with you again from his eye. Sarah again showing off with her perfect little décor for all these images. This is a more indoor detailed eye for these flowers by Rhapsody in Bloom.

such cute succulents to go with Ian's Invites and RSVP's (more info on my last blog)

okay so back to the action at Devils Den in Gettysburg!!

I love how Tom uses everything around him to frame his photos, this blade of grass below is such a soft but cool touch to a photo. He uses the surrounding to guide you through his photos. If you have any questions about this look or location just email me!!

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