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MaDawn Alesia Photography

So I got to be apart of a styled shoot back in February and it was awesome!! While I was there, I met multiple people, and MaDawn was one of them. A photographer coming out to offer her visual eye, and I loved a lot of her shots, so once she shared I knew I had to do a little blog here about her and show her work here. The above image was the second part of this bridal styled shoot and im so in love with her use of prisms and light flares!!She has a majestic editing style and logo thats really dreamy and pretty. I love the depth of her images. She had the chance to capture some getting ready photos and I always enjoy those shares!!

You guys know me, I love my Aveda, this is what I often show up with as my basics to my kit, I have tons to carry around and I have my trusty Zuca travel bags.

Below I am applying makeup on Sarah, She was actually the more natural bride of the two. Her rich warm hair was an easy inspiration. Here I am adding Mascara before I do all the final touches to her look before lips and lashes!

Although I used all Aveda on her face and lips, This Urban Decay Rose palette was beyond perfect for this set!! Sarah is a great model, she can be found on IG and facebook, her IG handle is : @model.sarah.shellhorn

I always like to take a break in a blog with the detail shots, I love her angles and eye for all these shots. It almost makes me think of Beauty and the Beast, These floral arrangements were put together by Rhapsody in Bloom from Palmyra, PA. And these beautiful handmade invites and RSVP's by Ian with Lettering By Ian from Carlisle.. There is more info on them in my original blog with Maura Peirce and the Linwood Estates in Carlisle.

This is the room that greets you at the one building at Linwood Estates.

love these layouts!

Maura had brought with her some silver trays and fancy little ear rings, These little stamps and ribbons added such a cozy little touch to these sets.

This cake though, my god. I love naked cakes with real flowers, and Rachels cakes from Farmhouse Cakes are so amazing, I had the chance to try some of her cake at another stylized shoot and my was it worth the wait. And of course some more detail shots, its just these tiny little details like the leaf on the plate that just changed your every day shot. Its the little things!!

Linwood had these chairs that offered a different mood then your average cater company, these were cute and natural, offered a rustic but elegant feel.

Back to the action on the cold and snowy day!

Here is Ms Emily, she was my bold bride, and she rocks it. Sarah and Emily know eachother and made this shoot so easy and natural, their interactions were natural and playful. Madawn's prisms frame the girl so nicely, I think more people should play with these on location and in shot rather then on the computer, theres something thats so organic about the process that intrigues me.

So after all these shots, Sarah changed into another set that Maura had brought with her, and this is what shed light on Mr.PrettySkirts, this skirt. shoot. shot. sunset. and everything in between couldn't have been more perfect, I love all these playful shots and it just seems like its our of a fairy tale or story book.

I had such a blast this day , and I am more then eager to answer any questions about this look, day or photographer, please let me know by just emailing me!

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