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Julie && Sawyer

If this doesn't define love, I dont want none. I have a secret love for sparklers on a wedding day, theres something about the spark thats just so captivating and so much for fun for a night shot! Julie and Sawyer picked the perfect photographers for this day, iv never heard of OneThirtyNine Photography until this day, and I love their work. Such clean crisp captures. And love is definitely in the air. this group was infectious with their smiles and you can tell this aint no serious bunch here and the company was enjoyed. These guys can be found on their website .

I always love action and getting ready shots, it shows you all the things that we have to carry around with us to do on location, and this right here defines me in the process. all your stuff starts to blend together in a smooth but caotic fasion that just works, all your tools start to look the same by the time your at your 6th bridesmaid! Behind this lady is my sack! I show up with all the works, and the spread below shows a lot of my products, if you have any questions on stuff please just let me know!! these are all some of my favorite products!!

These ladies were hard to get a serious picture with, but who needs those!!

The brides choice of a sagey green dress for her ladies was a soft beautiful touch!

When you can tell theres nothing but happiness on such a huge day, shows you these girls a care free and shes here to marry her best friend and what a beautiful feeling. Although I did makeup for all the bridesmaids the Bridal hair and Makeup was done by Hair and Makup by Sara K, and she did the hair for all the bridesmaids. but one thing i really love and often dont get to many photos and. the Mom of the Bride and groom, these ladies are watching their daughtes get married to the love of their lives and often it is such an emotional day for them, im so happy we get a chance to make them feel beautiful to on such a beautifull heavy day.

I know this is a day many parents either dread or die for, and you can see how happy this family is, and to see so much love and joy so genuinly felt is so beautiful.

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