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Styled Bridal With The Bere Collective

Check out this dress and styled shoot that was put together by @Sarahlexmodel, This is her friend who is modeling her dress above, she runs a dress rental business so you will have to check her out for any dress needs if your not looking to purchase anything! These are stunning dresses, so every dress you see through this blog post is from her page, you can find her IG page at @rentme.a.dress . Also what excites me about this post is you get to see how the same makeup look can go with multiple dress looks and colors, while also really popping in a different way with each look.

This is Sarah rocking her other sequin dress, these dresses are popping!! I love the colors and nothing is overwehlming or to loud, such elgant shimmer and shine. You guys know I enjoy working with Sarah, we have done a lot of work together lately, and she has ben rocking out with her modeling and rental business, another person we super enjoy workin with here is Kristen from Blossom Bliss. Her floral arrangements are to die for, her displays are untouchable, you think it up, she can do it. And again to see how a floral arrangment can work so well with other dresses and colors. Her IG is @Blossomblissflorist.

Another new photographer to me, this is what like about this industry, with each wedding or shoot you meet o people ot expand your horizons. The Bere Collective got all these shots in this blog, theis IG is @theberecollective and their website is . This team is inspirational in their fight for love, and their capture such beautiful imagery. So definetly check more of their stuff out.

I cant get enough of this dress, and get ready cause theres even more from where these came from. I had a blast putting together a makeup look for these ladies, you know im a fan of my Aveda face products, and mostly Anastasia eyes this time. I used Aveda lip products and kinda really digging their new brow pencils!!so any questions on colors or techniques just message me! you know i have all the answers,

Look how fun this dress is! It just makes you want to dance, and the elegant white slim fit gown is so beautiful. I got to model one of these dresses last week and you really do feel so beautiful and without any price tag commitment, its so great.

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