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You guys! This day was so inspiring, I have always loved working with Annie Minicuci whether it be with clients or for a styled shoot. I did have the chance to work with Becca before for a styled shoot and really enjoy working with her as well, she always brings the most perfect outfits and on this day she inspired her makeup look. I went with all Aveda products for this face, she had such amazing tones of purple, gold, silver, pink, and blue. I knew exactly what colors to turn to. I did use a lot of limited edition eyeshadows for this look that can no longer be purchased, but they do have a lot of similar colors available.

Becca started in this amazing jewel set that just set the tone for the day. All photos in this blog are by Annie Municuci and her website can be found at www, .She knows all the best angles and locations. She has showed me places that have been right under my nose, although I have been to the White Cliffs of Conoy before. I never actually set up there to do makeup and man was it worth the hike. This location is quite the walk but worht all the effort, once your there you will see why, its an easy paved path that leads you to an open while hill side to the water. Its beautiful! his is such a perfect combincation!

Becca also came prepared with this beautiful soft pink set and maroon sash that just tied everything together, such a soft romantic look. She is perfection. This makeup withstood those water shots, she is so fierce in this portrait. I did use Aveda lips, cheeks, and powder foundation. My go to liner is Macs pot liner in black. If you have any questions about this look just message me!

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