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Me and Annie have been rocking out shoots this month, so its all about us this week! She asked me to do makeup for an outdoor shoot with Nikki, this was a whole different look and vibe then what she was normally shooting. We were looking for a soft but strong look, eyes as the focus. She was so stunning and as soon as I received her images to share I was so excited to see this final outcome, she is such a strong beautiful woman and it was such a pleasure to work with her! All photos in this post were taking by Mrs.Annie

Nikki was such a blast to get to know, thats whats so great about makeup, you meet so many new people and its amazing what oyu can inspire in eachother, I definitely hope to work with her again in the future. And not to mention look at this beautiful hair! She was rocking it that day, she came so prepared with all the outfits you could think of and it made it hard to make choices! but as you can see her and Annie made all the right choices. Annie is so easy to work with its kinda of insane. Between the talent and the hospitality, shes the sweetest person you will meet. She offers snacks and drinks and come prepared for your comfort.

You cant beat this! Soft and strong all at the same time.

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