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You guyssss, I have to say I think its kind of crazy I have made it this far with makeup and photography...That I have never done a maternity shoot!!! but today breaks that streak! I had the pleasure of working with Dawn on this special day, she was a client of Annie Minicuci's. This lady is so bad ass, she partook in competitive body building for years and she is now a mother! I seriously dont know how much stronger of a woman you can be, and she was such an easy going , easy to talk to woman. We could of been there all day. Annie chose to shoot Dawn at the White Cliffs of Conoy, its so nice to have such a raw rustic background and water as options too. Nothing stopped her or us that day.

Those of you that part take in any competative body anything, you know it is insanely demanding. You put your body and skin through so much its insane. So we talked alot of skin care this day, gave her all the pointers i could and we just connected on the natural Aveda products that just feel amazing on the skin. We went all Aveda for this face, she is such a stunning momma, and she was so used to that stage makeup. It was refreshing to do somehitng soft and romantic on her for such a big shoot. This red dress is life, and totally depicts the goddess that she is!

Beachy sunset vibes, this dark beauty is such a soft balance to the soft white dress. Annie really knows how to capture these moments,every image in this blog was shot by Annie, she has been my last like 5 blogs, all her information is shared in there. she can be found on IG , Facebook, and all interweb search engines!!

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