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Stephanie and Matthew

All images shot by Earthmark Photography

So i have done plenty of weddings, but have rarely travel to Maryland for one. When Stephanie contacted me i knew i was in for a treat, she wanted cruetly free so here i was with my trusty Aveda, and she wanted something timeless. I love a bride that loves a red lip! and she came with the perfect shade for herself, When working with Stphanie she was smooth sailling and not about the glits and glam, but my god she was glamourous on this day. She was breathtaking, I am so happy to be apat of thie vintage look on this gloomy day.

This is not the first time that I have shared the same wedding as Earthmark Photography and I always love their shots, filled with depth and richness. They know how to get the shot, i mean in the end these were just sneak peaks of the wedding and I feel like i dont even have to wait for "better ones" for this blog. The simple capture of their smiles and you can tell everything in genuin, this is pure comfort in the hands of their love in front of this very camera.

Stephanie had a vision for her day, and again it was simple. But what stood out to me the most was her dress, this was her grandmothers dress, and she had it refurbished to fit her and for future generations. She made the right choice and these timeless images she can have forever. earthmark can also befound on IG as @earthmarkphotography

this is the look of love .

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