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Hey guys! coming at you with some news! Thats right, your girls learning, growing and expanding. I am starting to build my Temptu Air Brush kit and will be providing that for future services. If we have already had a trial we will stay with your previous application products unless discuss or another trial is planned to see how you feel about the application.

This also goes for all my 2021 Brides, I will have this set up in my price proposal so you can have options as I start to transition my kit from a more traditional application, to the air pod system created by Temptu. Airbrush is a great alternative to makeup since it is light weight and coverage can vary from full coverage to minimal coverage. Its a smudge proof long lasting application you know you can wear all day. If you have any questions as a previous client or an up coming client just contact me! As I move along and challenge myself I will post stuff as I learn. So here are the three latest ladies, And I cant thank Veronica from Vero Leigh Co. for all the help and confidence she has given me on this journey.

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