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Allie's Big Day

Allie was recommended to me by a local friend and when we met I knew it was fate. Allie had come in and we had talked about reshaping her brows and her long lashes needed some lift so we did a lash lift in prep for her day. So we formed a bit of a bond before the big day, when we were prepping I know one of her biggest concerns was looking and feeling like herself, while still wearing makeup for memorable photographs. We did her trial and she loved it but on her day of she asked if we could go even lighter! and we did and guess what its stunning!

And I wont lie when I say she is the most indemand look on my instragram feed, and it wasnt even a professional photo. This is a timeless natural look, and this is a traditional application done with Aveda makeup. We even have strip lashes on here, so dont be scared of make up or lashes!! I am telling you it really complets the look. She has her hair cut, colored and styled at Steele Hair Salon in Hershey, and Olya is her stylist and was her stylist for the day of. Olya is a natural when it comes to curls and styles. And she is a go to for all your hair needs!

I mean seriously though, let me toot my own horn on these brows!! I feel like people are scared of brow waxing or tweezing and I promise you we can work together to find the right shape for you. And guess what, all skin care questions go for you and your partner. Her husband to be had a breakout 1 week before the day and I sent her home with some home care samples to get him prepped and ready for the day and obviously hes just as glowing! And DUH! This always includes moms!! Allie's mom took advantage of a trial and lash services and I swear I felt apart of the family by the big day!

Lets talk about this location, even though I am located in Hershey, I have never been to the Hershey Gardens OR had a wedding client that was getting married at the Hershey Gardens. So I got me a little mini tour when I stopped in to touch up her look before she walked down her floral isle. She did a big family style dinner table, and it looked out over the gardens and the town and honostly, it was breathe taking! But I hopy you guys enjoyed this blog and i knew i had to get her images up here since y'all are so indemand of her look!! I knew you had to see it in photograph! Im grateful for all of you!!

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