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Annie && Aimee

Satin eyes and suede couches

You guys!!! I know that you have seen plenty of Annie's work on my feed from Annie Minicuci Photography, but this is the first time you have seen Aimee! The best part is Aimee is also a photographer but lets talk about the power of boudoir. Its really such an empowering experience to be in front of the camera, I know its hard to say "shove it!" to those nerves but its worth kicking them! And the thing is Annie is really good at helping you feel like you right at home and in your own comfy little bubble you wont even realize your in your own skin, in front of a photographer. She turns into your best friend, stylist and confidant.

I always feel likes Annie's pictures tell the sweetest stories. The light in these images are amazing and of course the highlighter is loving those rays! Aimee was so easy to work with and all though this was my first time working with her, you will be seeing her in an up and coming blog post with another photographer. I love so much about Aimee's individual beauty and I am telling this can be you. You can look just as stunning in the same light. Cause this location can also be rented with you boudoir session! These are all taken at The Willows at Ashcomb in Mechanicsburg!

Aimee is a boss babe from Baltimore that does all things inspiring. Once we got to chatting over her application I was grateful to meet her. Her eye for wedding photography is breath taking, and she is all about helping so many humans on this earth I wish I could do more, but we all have our places here!! And beautifying her is mine, I really enjoyed working with her rich skin and beautiful eyes. She picked the best outfits to compliment her beautiful vessel! And lets not talk about how the décor at Ashcombe's makes you feel like your in a place made for goddesses its easy to feel lush and sexy!

talk about romantic

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