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Asher && Annie

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

When Annie Minicuci reached out to ask me if I was available for a mini styled-fashion shoot with Asher, I was automatically in! I have been following Asher on IG for months now and he is truely inspirational! Not only does he have fantasic legs from teaching Zumba, he has an amazing taste for all things fashion. He clearly showed me I need to do more thrifting in Philadelphia...

I have to admit, I had no idea what image to open with, and I am really going to share a lot of these images in this blog for many reasons. I think once a year I am apart of a shoot where the motion captured, is story telling. I always tell Annie her images are works of art in themselves, and that they often remind me of reaissance paintings. Always so soft and beautiful. I think Annie and Asher are a perfect match, him dancing through an autumn forest is beyond magical and it almost..

makes me think of the silent struggles we all might be dealing with this year. Though it challenges us we must remember why we do what we do, what fullfills us and allows us to dance through this journey with ease, grace, and acceptance. Challenges can be hard, especially if they builds up...

With his beautiful gold wrap skirt, I was truely inspired by a rich cranberry lip color, This beautiful hue is created by Vero Leigh Co. I knew before we even started that this would be the perfect look..

Asher moves with such grace, you can tell he has a love and passion for dance. The way he lets his body flow through the air and light is just beautiful. I do wish I could of watched the magic happen, I picture Annie almost dancing with him in motion to catch of these images.

Theres something really raw about Autumn, and I know a lot of people struggle through the winter. Fall is always a firm reminder of how our universe works. Every year she kills all that surrounds us, only to watch everything rebirth and grow in just a couple of months. Its amazing how spring comes just when we are ready to be done with winter for good. Its such a strong and powerful motion that I think we can forget to see the beauty in this kind of journey. Struggles are hard but my, do we turn out stronger and more resilient with each experience.

Be bold. Be you. Stay Authentic. Your enough. Your worthy. You are beautiful.

Let the light dance across your face, and feel the grace of its warmth even on the coldest days.

Dont be scared to dive into life and rememeber why your alive, why you wake up every single day.

Life is messy, its emotional, its tramatic but its also the most fulfilling and beautiful experience...

I say go for it! Dance in the chaos, Live even if you feel like your lost. You can find your light...

and dont let anyone dim it. You are a contagious being ment to spread your love..

and when you finally break through, and find what you feel is your most authenic self...

theres a calmness that sets in, and the world doesnt seem so heavy anymore...

and suddenly it feels like a place you can be, and sit for awhile. Soaking it all in. This beautiful life.

that was ment for you. and only you.

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