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Birch Tree Shoot

Hey guys! my word has it been a bizarre time to be alive. While we need to take each day as it comes, try not to manifest in the anxiety and chaos and find your inner peace. While I have been getting lost in education to further my knowledge I received photos from the last shoot I was apart of before Covid hit us hard. I was super pumped for this shoot as we were finally coming out of the winter months and blooming into spring and that always brings all the creatives out. We strive for summer to come to allow us to create at an unstoppable level without freezing our butts off. You guys know I love working with Annie from Annie Minicuci Photography, she has recently made another Instagram for her more intimate boudoir session and then her original for all things wedding! I love her the depth and feels of her work. She introduced me to our Model Rooney Miranda! Check out her beautiful self!

Roony can be found on IG at @Roonymiranda , she is inspired by all things glitz and glam. When I saw her port I was stoked, her beautiful skin and freckles! She was an inspiration in its self. I knew I wanted to use flecks of gold and glitter to vibe with the sequin and who would of thought all the magical light flare reflections would make this set even more amazing.

I really loved her shapes, I didn't want this to be a prefect application cause I wanted to see some raw artist vibes come through for this. I LOVE the line of gold on her upper lip, just enough to pop.

Dionne from Sweet Blooms Floral made an absolutely breathtaking floral bouquet for this shoot. Her IG is @sweetflorals and she has a website you can reach her at to see more of her work. I love how organic and full of texture this bouquet is. It really completes the set!

This is were a forest becomes more then just trees and bark.

These beautiful soft pinks pop next to all these sweet neutral's. This reminds me of your favorite cup a tea on a nice cool spring morning. what a beautiful scene.

Be the dirt on your feet when running through the forest, connect to the earth and find the center and balance that mother nature has the gift of giving us. Take each day as it comes and take the time to slow down and notice all the beauty that surrounds us in such a crazy time. love yourself. be yourself.

your are,

your are the light in the darkest time

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