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Bronzy Bride

Well you guys know I can never get enough of Sarah and all her dresses...or The White Cliffs of Conoy. This place is absolutely breathtaking and worth the hike, bike ride, stroll, whichever way you get there. These shots were all taken by Bryn with Lost Pine Media. I love her crisp clean edits, so light and pretty. Sarah often models her dresses for her dress rental business and I love all the looks I get to try with her and I have to say this is one of my favorites!

Sarah has these amazing freckles that she loves to embrace and I hole heartedly support that choice. This was such a nice summer day so her freckles were here to show stop. It goes so well with these bold eyes and soft pearly accents. And lets not forget her nice arm candy, her lovely fiancé.

I was totally getting this Egyptian goddess vibe that I was living for. This is the perfect mix of natural but bold. How can you not stare at her eyes, and for a black crease, you dont feel overwhelmed.

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