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Cassie && Brendan

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

You guys! Cassie and Brendan would of been my first wedding of this year all the way back in May, but obviously that wasn't an option and I'm so stinking happy they were able to reschedule and get married all in the same year! Cassie was recommended to me by her photographer Kylee B, and you obviously know her from my feed, so all of her photos in this blog are from Kylee B Photography. Cassie was a breeze to work with, and we know weddings take a whole lot of planning and even with all the headaches Cassie couldn't of been in a better mood to just marry her best friend, with all her best friends standing next to her. And ya girl had plenty of friends as this wedding party had me doing 11 ladies!! thats right! 11!! I was so tired afterwards but it was so worth it.

Kylee showed up a little early to snag some getting ready shots and I am telling you, ladies! this is so worth your money and time! these are some of the most memorable moments with your family and friends and there is just something about those last moments as your about to slip into those dresses and make it happen thats worth the capture. Cassie wanted a natural look that we flared with a little mauve to pull all her ladies in. Her eyes were popping and wail till you see her dress! I love this look!

Such a natural babe, and this dress. What a beautiful dress, she found her little creation at Renaissance Bridals and Prom, they have a huge selection for you to purchase from all things formal. Her dress fit her so perfectly I was honestly shook when she got her buttons all up. its crazy we spend so much time preparing and talking about the big day that when I get to actually see the dress in person, it just completes the look. That also goes for the groom, as I often never get to meet the groom I hear ALLLLLL about them and end up only seeing them in photos. I wouldn't change it for the world, theres always a shock value or a little surprise when I get the chance to meet the groom.

CHECK EM' OUT! All these bombshells were beautified by me, the dresses alone were stunning, then add some lovely ladies and you got yourself a glam squad. I loved working with every single one of these ladies, they all wanted different looks but its all came together wonderfully. We got natural, we got full coverage, we have smoky eyes, and cut creases and they match each lady to a T. And dont miss this beautiful building in the back, Bluestone Estate is a stunning location to get married, the venues bridal suit even has a spiral staircase! But this estate is the perfect mix of rustic and clean cut. I love a good mix of wood and stone and this place isn't skimping.

There he is!! The Groom!! We all finally get to meet him! and tell me they dont look like a pair! Its so good to see such a celebration after such a crazy year, youd never know that covid was just a speed bump in their process.

Although covid didn't get in her way I have to be honost I am a little upset we wont get to see eachother for a second round next year. Cause she was seriously amazing, just like her florals, all her florals were created by Forever In Bloom, I have seen their work around before. She is so good at dense displays that dont look over crowded. and look at the balance of color in these babies.

and dont let these two full you, they are quite a unique and fun couple. Do they look like your average couple? Because they had a horse drawn carriage and I have to say I HAVE YET TO SEE THIS, especially in this area. And I know I dont have the image to prove it now....but I heard word of lightsabers and light up sunglasses for the after party. And it was a totally secret to everyone else so I know everyone was floored when it happened! I seriously am so grateful for meeting Cassie and being apart of her big day, I cant wait to watch them grow in love! Cheers to you two!!

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