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Dark Love October Wedding

Even though Erin is already in love, I feel like if every bride looked at me the way she does, we would all be in a fairytale! This wedding was shot by Cambria with Cambria Creative Photography. She is so spunky and amazing, I have worked with Erin and Cambria before but more for fun or styled shoots. So the wedding thing was new to use, but still oh so familiar. I have always loved Erin's love for dark beauty and bold bangs. We came together for a dark sunflower shoot when i first met her and her look was such a perfect match. and wait till you see her hand made dress and mother in law made!

When Erin was showing me all the little details of her look I was so excited because this is a look, for a wedding, I have never done before and i knew if anyone could pull it off it was this mama! I love her crown, and her night before cut bangs just frame everything perfectly!

Cambria had always expressed her creativity through her images with her layering and prism work, what's amazing is this is all shot in camera. This girl knows her stuff and really was such a perfect match for Erin on this day. What's even more badass is her bridesmaids were all apart of her roller derby team!! And they all got to pick their own colors so we had ever layer! Her flowers just top off her look, see how perfect she is!! If you guys have any questions on this look or location , holla!

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