• Ashley "Millie" Miller

Erica && Aaron

Yet another dreamy bride I met through Kylee B photography. And when I say Erica had the unltimate wedding dream team!! I am not lieing. We all know me and Kylee should always be apart of that team lol, Veronica with Vero Leigh Co. was assisting me, Taryn Blake Events was the planner, and the location at Dulaneys Overlook in Fredrick, MD was to die for. If you are familiar with the central PA wedding industry then these should all be familiar names, so its crazy that this was actually a Maryland wedding! But im always grateful for what alignes! First image below is a tetails shot of florals and their rings. all the flowers were arranged by Wildflower Weddings and Events, the bouquets and table displays were absolutly stunning.

Back to the details shots with Kylee these days, shes rocking out. I had no idea but we had full galaxy vibes for this wedding as the tables were labled with horoscopes signs, and the dresses were sahdes of purple, with star accents. I absolutly died when I saw her chioce of hair clips. But even just her invites and comfy shoes, and wedding details were just simply elegant. As they are.

When me and Erica first met it was just another easy connection. as she wasnt really sure she wanted makeup or where to go for her big day, she felt comfortable in her own skin after our application and it was an instant match! She struggle with some acne and wanted a smooth non-cakey look and since we skipped a trial we never actually got to talk full wedding details for it was a pleasant surprise to meet all her loved ones, and get them ready.

One of my favorite little details is that one of her bridesmaids couldnt make the wedding and had to go virtual for the big reveal to her beloved beings, and this is just absolutly heart warming, as much as social media and technology makes me feel crazy, its these moments that I am so grateful for how far technology has come to let moments like this exist.

But back to reality as this crew was a big party and full of love. Erica was not lacking in any moral support. I always say most brides dont feel nerves setting in untill their makeup application as it is normally the very last step befor you are stepping foot into the dress and getting your walk on. So in your minal moment her siste help her hand and was their to calm any nerves comeing to the surface.

If this doesnt look like a life journey ride or die crew, then I am at a loss of words. between blood and fake blood these girls will be friends till the end of time, but really its Erica an Aarons love that radiates to the skies. I skipped the first look for these intimate captures caught by Kylee.

It also might not look like it but you guys, its was 102 degress this day and like 150% humidity!! and you cant even tell!! She looks cool as a cucumber, and these are the days I am confident and can say that I can guarentee my makeup!! I know a lot of people have concerns of budging makeup or issues with sweat but i promise you I will set you up for success, and Kylee and stand behind me as i have worked with her many times in extream heat conditions!!

and though the sun was beaming, what beautiful fluffy clouds for a break in the sunlight.

a true celebration of love! I am so greatuful to be apart of these events in your lives, thank you1!

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