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Kayla && Tony

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

When I met Kayla through Kylee with Kylee B Photography for her bodoir session, it was love at first application! She had planned on have a family friend apply makeup for her big day but felt like it would be a treat for everyone if they just had off and got pampped for the day. Working with Kayla and her party was a breeze and honostly, when a husband to be comments on her makeup and insist that I am her go to gal for makeup, its truely flattering! I want to start this blog with a couple detail shots as they seem to be coming back and that excites me! I feel like it can be hard to have a complete vision and the details mean so much, and what makes your wedding day so unique. Kylee is a creative as heart, so you know shes capturing all your details in the best compositions. I love her visions, and if you were not aware of her art background, youll see it now!

Some of my favorite images are all the getting ready photos, or the last minute images of you and all your loved ones before the big walk. You can genuinly feel the love in the images, let alone the room. Kayla's group was exaclty that, you can tell she was surrounded by some of her best friends and life supporters. This crew was truely filling the room with so much love I was happy to be there.

Her mom was probably one of my favorite applications, as her eyes were peircing blue, but we were 100% sure her own husband didnt even recognize her when he walked into the room to drop some things off. These are some of Kayla's life long friends, and theres just something to say for the mash up of friends that come together for a wedding day. Its always a good mix of life long friends, work/college friends and your best family members, and it all works!

Another really awesome little detail that I love, is Kylee is bringing back the classic black and white images, and honostly I think it is truely breathtaking. There is something that is so classicly romantic, I wonder how we lost track of it. Yes colors are great, and so is airy, but really lets keep the black and whtie images comeing cause um. look at these!!

Kayla said yes to her dress at David's Bridal, and as I post more, you will see her princess vibes. This dress is the perfect balance of princess and simplicity, I love the side cuts, and little details. I cant imagine how hard it is to shop for a dress, but I can see why she chose this one.

Her hair is pinned and style by Midtown Hair Company located in York, PA. They got Best of York for 2020 and this whole party had stunning hair and with all different cuts and textures you could tell it was holding all day! So take somre time to check them out it your still looking for hair!

Kayla's location was earthy, but dreamy. I love the rich wood feels in the lounge area's but these outdoor vibes are fantastic. While they have a nice open area, its lined with trees and dreamy shadey area's and hill sides to capture romantic waltz's.

This girl might be wearing peals, but these two can party and dance the night away. I love watching couples get thier groove on, on the dance floor. I love reception photos, its always a lot going on, but I think Kylee and really any photographer is just waiting for that one really good dance move, or leg kick that just stops time and sets the pace.

I by no means am a dancer, but fun fact! a lof of people take dance classes before their big day so they are comfortable with dancing, especially more formal stlyes of dancing. Its totally worth it, as I have a little expericne cause I won a package once and it was fun!

And another little detail and another fav vendor is her baker!! Blayre from Flouretta Sweet was in the mix of things, one thing Kayla did was get some amazing pie's made just for her and her wedding party as well as her guests. And she shared one just between them before they walked!

Im not going to lie, I was a little jealous that I didnt stick around oncse I saw the images!

But serisouly Blayre is all things sweets! Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, macrons, and pies!! Your girl is so talented and does things for more then just your wedding. Thats the best part about weddings, is you meet so many people in different industries that can still provide you services beyond your wedding day, so dont think all wedding vendors are stricktly wedding based!!

As much as I would love to just day dream about sweets all day, I do like to day dream about real love, and honostly Kayla and Tony have it. In their images you can genuinly feel the love and happiness that defines their union. They have a strong and sturdy base to start their new journey on and I am so greatful I got to be apart of it!! May we all have a love the radiates through us!

and if that doesnt make you melt, I will end this blog with a beautiful hill side image of them captured by Kylee. This is all the dreamy dress feels. Happy wedding day guys!!!

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