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Kylee's Creative Concept: Maggie Rogers

Did you ever feel like you were stuck up stream? And you have to remind yourself to be like water and just flow, dont get overwhelmed and let things be. Its hard, as we get into this new year, I am sure a lot of us have had some hard times in the last year that really felt like it put us in a slump. I know each year has its struggles but its crazy how different each event can define us. And while we each handle things differently, music is so therapeutic for me and Maggie Rogers has helped me get through so many issue and her Falling Water song is my spirit song. Kylee from Kylee B Photography has a deep connection to Maggie Rogers as well so when she came to me with this emotional concept I was pumped, not only because I am obsessed with all things Maggie, But because I feel like I'm in a creative slump myself and this makeup idea was something I was ready to tackle! Kylee and me paired together for 3 amazing concepts that she has set up for artist that helped her get through this year so wait till you see what else we have coming at you! Cause they are all real and truly inspiring and something I think we can all connect to, so stay tuned for the next one! And I guarantee that you will love every artist!

Emotion is everything and Kylee brought Alex in for this project and her beautiful talent is dance and my god guys, she is so good at emoting feeling through motion. and after actually being there for the shoot I can tell you that this girl feels to her bone. It was so inspiring to me visually and emotionally. I was swaying in my seat with her, just watching her dance and move to the music. And I mean we mine as well call it a duet with how well Kylee danced in motion with her to capture all of these images! It was Beautiful and my word lets not even talk about how many images she could have taken!

I love the power of color, showing the emotional struggle through textiles, and the battle through motion. Alex is so insanely talented I could have watched this all day, and not been disappointed if it never ended. Her motion is powerful!

We find that some things are easy to dance through, or they weigh us down but its so important to stay grounded, inspired and balanced. Let the process be because it might be messy, but it is a beautiful process! We end up stronger and clearer on the other end.

One of the most important things though this is to remember the things that ground us, that let us grow and season our soul. Its easy to get overwhelmed, especially today. Remember to love yourself. Give grace and be patient.

And I'm like falling water, wont you set me free

Let yourself feel, be and exist. Your allowed to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and angry. But its staying in tune with who you are and remembering your true self. Change is so important and its not easy but its essential. I am so happy Kylee brought these feelings to images because I think its something we are all struggling with this year, if not all the time.

We are resilient, and we are strong and we are brave. Stay open minded and understanding, we are all going through our own battles, and yours is unique to you, but we are never alone. We have to breakdown to breakthrough and you will be even stronger for it!

you will feel so much lighter in the end as well! You are worth it!

All these images were shot at Supply Manheim, in Manheim PA. This beautiful location will be apart of all Kylee's concepts this month! This all white room with a slightly reflective floor makes it easy to shoot here, and they have a full length window for all natural light photography!


for this look:

Aveda Inner Light Concealer in Balsa

Aveda Brow Definers also used with Brow Book powders

Temptu Airbrush foundtaions, blushes, and highlighter

Danessa Myricks illuminating Veil in Luna for base of face and the blue on her eyes is Colbolt

Xtreme Lash brand liquid liner in black

Maybeline brand mascara in black

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in white for the thick line

Colour Pop in Starling liquid lip

Eylure Lashes

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