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Liz && Matt's Wedding Day

Liz was probably the most go with the flow, seam of my pants, covid bride yet this year! She contacted me pretty much 2 weeks before the day and said "I know its a slim chance to none, but are you available on Oct 25th, We were planning a 2021 wedding and are just ready to get married!" I was totally available and totally eager to work with them, it was also the most intimate wedding I have been apart of with only 8 guests, and an unplugged music set up of just 2 people, it was so stunning and so romantic. But trust me, even though there was only 10 people for this event, they didn't jip on anything and they had the full wedding experience.

Every little detail of this wedding is perfectly placed, the colors, the simplicity. And all of the amazing shots were captured by Alyssa from Alyssa Christine Photography. This was my first time meeting her and she does absolutely amazing work as you will continue to see. Below is a shot of us getting ready and doing the last touches for her look. We didn't even do a trial for this day and honestly as you can see I dont think we needed to. She was so stinking easy to work with and it was just a 2 person party, mom got to come along and get pampered too!

We are stationed in a very fancy golf locker room at the York Country Club of York. This was a very elaborate country club, and I know they are known to be upscale and very nice, but this one takes the cake with all their wooden in lays and details. I also had no idea York had gated communities and such beautiful locations. I was pleasantly surprised on my way to this venue, and thats part of why I love to be on location, you never know what you going to pull up to and you would never know its there otherwise.

Does it look like shes missing anything? I dont think so!

This dress was so story telling and check out these florals! Fun fact about her florist was, they also did her mothers wedding 20 some odd years ago! They know all the perfect colors, theres so much going on in this bouquet but it all works so magically. Butera the Florist created all their floral magic.

I told you she wasn't skimping on anything and you haven't even seen her desserts yet.

You have seen Blayre's work on here before, she is talented in so many stinking ways, its unbelievable what she can create. She is know by her brand name Flouretta Sweet. And what I love best is she really connects with her clients, Liz and her mother have a love and creative talent for watercolor and you can obviously see the watercolor feels of the cake and macaroons. This girls a baker and an artist.

What a way to end the year, blog and covid blues. Nothing stopped them from marrying their best friend and their closest family was there to witness it. I'm not sure what else you need. Congrats guys! Cant wait to see what you conquer together!

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