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Mentor Appreciation

You guys know I am always game when Kylee B Photography asks me to be apart of anything. As she builds a following with each year she has a group of talented photgraphers that have come to her for her knowledge and experience. To celebrate them she put together a super fun style shoot with a couple she had previously shot a Nestalgic Moment with. If you dont know what that is please go to her site and check it out!! These two made it really easy to fullfill these super modern kitschy feels. They were open to any look and color and thats what makes a styled shoot so fun! Kylee brought together many vendors including myself for this day so get ready to meet them! Another amazing vendor that tagged along was Timothy from Timothy Lebo Films!!

While Kylee brought the team together this event was planned by Taryn Blake Events and their lead planner Danielle. I am actually going to be working with Danielle a lot this year as she is the planner for a few of my upcomeing brides. All these lovely rentals they planned, were set up and collected by Allair Event Rentals out of Chester County PA. I am not lieing, their collection of furniture and details will comeplete any wedding ideas you have! I was truely blown away by every piece they brought with them to complete this set. They even brought a pop up wall!!

On top of that beautiful table there is a lovely Charcuterie Board, and yes we got to indulge at the end and its just as tasty as it looks. I feel people underestimate a good charcuterie! This display was hand crafter by Laurcuterie, they hand craft any food board you might be looking for. Thier displays are rich in color, texture and taste.

Also you will see pops of flowers throughout the images, and the bouquet is absolutely stunning. These are another hand crafted custom creation by Rhapsody In Bloom. I have had the chance of working with her for styled shoots and weddings. She always deilvers a very ballanced displace that offers color and texture without being overpowering in any way. I know a lot of flourist have had shortages this year and I can tell you that any substiture shes used will still fullfill your floral dreams.

Next Fave feature is all thngs baked and not baked. This girl can create any pie, cookie, cake and jello mold your little heart desires. You have seen her work many times in my blogs, and you have also seen her in styled shoots as well. Blayre from Flourette Sweet is honostly one of the most talented bakers I know in all of Central PA. Yes, there are tons of people who are talented, but Blayre is a freaking artist. Watching this Boss Babe grow her business over these last couple years is truely inspiring. She has a true passion for what she does and it is undeniable.

Blayre can deliver a simple elegrant cake, or a modern unique cake. Light in color and as bold as your soul. She will create a custom unique dessert display that you and your guests will never forget. I can also say I'v tasted many of her creations and these goods arnt just for looks!

I know your heart is swooning! These pictures were taken at Supply Manhiem, If you follow any vendor from this list, I assure you, you have seen many posts about it. This location is an all white room, top to bottom, which allows you to get insanely creative with the space, with lots of awesome light. They do all events from small weddings to styled shoots, or small corprate gatherings. Iv loved every look thats been created in this room and they welcome all creatives as long as its family friendly! This is a room that you can honostly transform into anything you want! But lets get to the really fun details!! This couple was down for all the funky vibes and thanks to Kylee and her team...

Magic was created. This dress and suit are to die for and lets talk about these custom veils!! Fun Fact: Fran from Sew Glorious, is Blayre's mom!! We love family connections in the industy!! She was able to alter this dress with beautiful tulle into a piece i have never seen before. The sleek simplicity of this dress is beautiful. AND lets not talk about this stunning 3-piece blue suit with added floral shoulder pads and veil. This was a truely inspiring suit, and to all my ladies out there that always look for a suit and can never find one, dont forget about all the custom sewest out there, that can hook you up with the perfect fit. And these two wear it so well it was hard to give em back.

When I met these two, and saw the outfits. I knew we were gunna have some fun with these makeup applications. I had to dig deep into my stash as these were not your typical makeup colors. My Danessa Myricks liquid eyeshadows and mixed a lot of their colors to creat these unique blends. Her creamy shadows are to die for, easy application, waterproof, and blending ablity is extreamly smooth. I used this also on her lips to create a unique monochromatic look. Muted lavendar is her color, with a touch of metalic on the lip. These florals really make all the colors pop on her face.

Tell me this isnt perfection? I think my favorite part about this room is there is no mirrors in it, so as I applied these looks they had no idea what was growing. I mix my colors on my hand and She kept looking down and expressing, "I cant wait to see what this look likes cause I love the color on your hands." These two also dont wear a lot of makeup so just bold fun colors was new in its self.

They also both got Airbrush applications, I always like to make a note for all my upcoming clients. although I take pride in that fact that I think its hard to tell the difference between my airbrush, and traditional makeup applications. But I will say with this being the first creative shoot all year, I was haveing a lot of fun with these colors and applications. The two made this shoot super fun and their love is truely contagious and clearly stated!! I cant wait to work with them again!

and heres to the mentor group that got to work with Kylee and get the full experience of a stlyed shoot, what it takes and the community that exists in this industry! I am so happy to be apart of it!

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