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Nikki && Tyler

There is something to say for this years Covid-19 Brides, its amazing the creativity and adaptiveness that has overcome these ladies. We need to embrace the change and move on, marrying you best friend is the focus at the end of the day, and theres something to say about the ease of an intimate backyard wedding. Nikki and Tyler got married on July 4th in there backyard and next year will be having a larger wedding as planned. I honestly love getting to work with a lot of my brides more then once in this up coming year, cause honestly I love all of them! All of the photos that I will be sharing through this post were taking by Kylee from Kylee B Photography. You have seen me post plenty with Kylee she is one of my favorites and is well know in the industry in Central, Pa!

Its amazing how we have had to adapt to all the changes that this year as brought us. but there are great ways to be proactive. Being fresh into non-shut down territory its was just nice to see other humans celebrating and interacting on such a beautiful day, they provided different color ribbons and bracelets that were red, yellow, and green to show people where they stood with contact and social distancing. She even has a pastry chef friend who made her the cutest cookies ever!! Check out how cute these are!! She even had ones with the date of the wedding. I couldn't help but giggle.

And their cake was absolutely adorable with the little fox cake toppers! And guess who made this cake? Blayre from Flourette Sweet. She is another little popular lady in the industry of Central, Pa so you have seen me post her tasty creations before. She does all things pastry so dont miss out her page. Im a big fan for the natural flares, and I love the texture of the cake to look like bark, and the mountains, I know I already talked about the foxes...but seriously. You dont see this kind of cake often! And you should never be afraid of real florals in that cake. It really completes the look.

Now for this year I only worked on the bride for her big day, but you can tell her party is a tight group of friends and I cant wait to work with all of them next year. I just dont know how you beat this intimate little wedding though, she had the perfect set up and the best little doggie to boot!!

Jaxon couldn't be happier to be apart of his humans big day! He even had a sign that said

"My humans are getting married today!"

Im a huge fan of jewel tones and I really feel like you cant even tell they are in their back yard!

These two just walking in love. I know you guys have been catching the florals in these shots. Sandra from Sandra Porterfield Floral's did all the bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral hangings. I love the balance of her displays and colors, that is a large bridal bouquet without being overpowering in anyway. And I mean look at this display. The colors are absolutely beautiful.

Heres to Nikki and Tyler! Congratulations!! and Ill be seeing you guys next year! To Light and Love!

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