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Nikki && Tyler II

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

I think my favorite part about all these second Covid weddings, is you watch these couples re-marry their loved one a whole year later and its like they are still in full honeymoon swing, more inlove then the first go around. Its honostly inspiring. These photos are captured by Kylee B Photography, you guys know I work with her all the time and she is highly recommended!! Kylee shot their little backyard ceremoney last year and it was super cute, and sunny, almost the perfect day. A few blog posts in front of this one, you can see the full day. She had a much more laid back dress with bare feet and it was a dreamy little setting. Fast forward to their date this year and it was a stormy one, thier videograper captured such an electrifying wedding video for them before the storm really set in, its a work of absolute magic!! Timothy Lebo is a 1 man project thats worth every penny.

And although I was apart of the scene last year, I only did Nikki's makeup that day, and this year I got to work with the entire party, including moms! I think some of my most favorite get ready images are when the bride finally turns around in her dress, to look at her mom for the first time and its basically earth shattering. I love that even though its a repeat, this wedding was almost more emotional then her last, except her hubby realllllly cried then she walked down the aisle last year, and all though he still couldnt hold back his tears, he held it together, She is stunning!

Another little note is, I love that every 2nd wedding Im having, we are going a little bolder then the 1st look. And while we stayed natural last year, we still played with nice warm colors since her ladies were in blue. We were actually going to skip a trial cause at this point we have worked together 3 or 4 times, but she wanted to try a brown smokey eye which was new for her and we set up a last minute trial and I am so glad we did, we went full blonze babe and she honostly rocks it so well, and with her long dark hair this year, she truely completes this look so perfectly!

I honostly dont think I have had a bride that naturally laughs and smiles as much as Nikki, and I mean this is the best most genuine way. I know its an occassion full of joy and celebration, but I am serious when I say this girl was beaming 99.99% of her day and it warmed my heart. Getting ready with her and her crew was an honor and I am hoping Nikki can come up with any excuse to get her makeup done because at this point we are getting more adventurious with each application, I cant imagine where the next one would take us, heres to another year you two!! Happy 2nd year!!

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