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Rebecca && Cody

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

One of my last few weddings of the year was with Rebecca, and I get totally fairy tail, spring vibes even though this wedding was mid October. October was a cold month but her day didn't miss a beat. The sun was shinning, the weather was beautiful and they had a great location. I have worked with Rebecca once before for a photo session so we were already a match, and we actually didn't do a trial for her big day and I love the outcome. 2020 is the year of Brides really trusting us vendors and I am so grateful for all my brides this year! You guys are a solid group of ladies and let nothing stop you!

Rebecca's bridal party was a breeze to work with and everyone was so laid back, they rented this cute little Air B&B that was the perfect hideaway till go time. Now I had originally met Rebecca through Bryn from Lost Pine Media. They were doing a photo session together and she needed makeup, so when we met that day we were destine to work together for her big day, and that also means Bryn was part of the party! Bryn captured every photo thats in this blog

I feel like you can always tell when love is filling the air and the bride is so ready to start this next chapter of her forever. Shes glowing from the inside and this smile is contagious.

How fairy tale is this dress? And what about this Hot Rod behind them! This year had 2 firsts for me, a horse drawn carriage and this red Ford Truck. I love when these couples make it their own and this truck really is so unique! and they had a little checkard flag for passing the finish line!

This truck had its debut at their engagement session photos but it didnt get jipped here at all.

and remember this bridal party I was talking about, what a solid group of ladies! If this doesn't look like a bunch of best friends I'm not sure what does. This is a bridesmaids photo!!

And on top of if we have the cake smash of the whole century in this wedding as well. We had no boring bridal parties this year or couples and I think thats what got them through the planning.

I will say of all my brides Rebecca is amazing, I can honestly say that I dont know many brides that would be extreaammlyy happy with a face full of cake but he wasn't shy!!and has no shame! Bryn captured this moment perfectly cause I know it happened fast!!

and then this is when i found out...

My makeup is cake-smashing proof!!!

What an amazing couple, this is pure love guys! But lets get back to Rebecca's look, I mean this is her day! But really when she mentioned yellow flowers and blue dresses I knew we were going to do a warm natural look to compliment everyone and really her piercing blue eyes.

still getting those fairy tale vibes?

Cause I am and this dress makes me think of Thumbalina with the romantic tiering of the skirt and the glistening bodice. And I still go back to how this has to feels of a spring wedding and its October!

And I feel like Bryn finds all the perfect little nooks and crannies for photo ops. She has this wild romantic feel that just reminds me of Disney fantasies. She find the perfect light flares, and presses her button at the most opportune times. I'm so grateful to be apart of this wedding and working with Rebecca, Cody and Bryn is something I will miss as this is my third bride this year thats not have a wedding next year so congratulations!!

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