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Samantha && Charlie

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Samantha and Charlie are a dream team, they have been together for awhile, and they had the cutest kids as their ring bearer and flower girl. They each did a first look with their kids and it was turely heartwarming. Kylee B Photography always coming in clutch with some of the best images, honostly I know you see her work a lot in my blogs, but tell me, do any of them look like the same weddings or poses? I love how unique each set of images are to each couple, and she lets these couples really be who they are. I think thats the best way to capture each couple, shes not a run of the mill photographer. She will deliver you the best album ever, of your big day and you wont see images anywhere like yours. She has a lof of skill and ability on top of super creative thinking!

Isnt she stunning?! Samantha had a beautiful set that day, and a lovely group of ladies to join her. Here is her mom setting her buttons, to prep her for her first look with her ladies. Again still one of my favorite moments and even if you dont want hair and makeup getting ready photos, theres something magical about slipping into your dress. Its almost like a calm before the storm, just a really good storm you cant wait to be apart of. I am grateful to be apart of these experiences.

Shout out to Katies Cake Cakery for this stunning set up, I honosly almost mistakened her work for another local baker, and its just a style I love. You can tell that they are true creatives at heart, this girl does more then BAKE!! This is art. And plus who doesnt love to follow a good baker for inspo or just staight sweettooth needs. Or even more inquincidentaly, need a baker for your wedding? Cause this girl was just added to my list of recommended vendors. I am a sucker for good color combo's and stronge compostions and this girl can set a table. In the image below you will see a little peak of the cake, its hard not to make this blog about Katies Cakes cause seriously. This galary is inspiring my sweet tooth and wishing most desserts played with blue color combos on chocolate strawbarries~

Now back to this lovely couple, and Kylees authenticity. I have to be honost when I go through galleries, I get to see so many good moments, its hard to pick the best images without writing an insanely long blog. This is my first couple ever to rock a hat let alone a baseball cap and I truely love it, You can see the change in her eyes when he puts that hat on cause that hat is HIM! Its like you could see the butterflies burst from her stomach when he changed it up. its super cute!!

this is love!! and your stories are so individual to you, and its like I am almost starting a little library of memories with this blog & its chapters are your love stories. I cant thank you enough for invluding me and letting me be apart of such a memorable day for both of you, thank you!

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