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The Warmth of Love is Contagious

This shoot is pretty much the imagery base to my entire website this year. It was truly inspiring and I met some of the best humans that day. Maura, with Ivy and Fox Photography is amazing and always challenges me and I love it. She is always outside the box and takes things to the next level. When she hit met up I knew no matter what it was I was gunna be into it. We hiked out way up to the top of Pole Steeple with Aisha and Hasan. Our models for the day who our also Photographers. but they define love as you will see so they were great subjects!

Ali Bouseman was our coordinator for the day, she made all the floral arrangements, and mini flower vases. She also made available the stem in Aisha's hair. This amazing dress that she is wearing is from Reclamation Design Company at Their pieces are absolutely amazing.

Can you feel the love from here? This was such a cold day but you would never know with these two.

I really dont know how this could get better? you guys know me all Aveda for her face, Aveda has such a wide range of powder foundations. and concealers I know I could conquer her look! I used Anastasia and Color Pop for eyes and I got tons of new highlighters for all skin types!!

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