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The Willows at Ashcombe with Kylee B Photography

As I explained a little in my last blog with Mrs. Annie, Lost Pine Media was the creative director on this shoot. But all the photos shared in this blog are by Kylee B Photography. I love sharing as many sets as possible so people can see exactly how different beauty is to each beholder. Our eyes see things differently, so this is the Willows at Ashcombe depicted by Mrs. Kylee. You can see the difference in her angles, and editing styles. Even though Kylee and Annie are similar in style and are truly good friends. You will see what sets them apart. We have all the same vendors in this blog but I will be sure to add their info so you guys dont have to go back and forth between blogs! I go back to this location just having some of the coolest details, I am waiting for the day to see this in person.

I meal really, this is a dream bathroom for me. Every detail of it, the tub, the wall paper. and the window, I mean this could be apart of my daily routine. The Willows at Ashcombes has such unique structures and little outlays, I also love when Kylee's detail shots really catch the details.

I love this armour, all's you have to do is add the dresses and what a display. This sunning dress is from Vintage and Vine, they sell all things bridal gown related. And the vail was created by Sew Glorious Creations. It amazing how well the dress and vail match after never being paired before. It shows you that you can always find the right vail and dress for you, this is such a romantic fit.

Another thing I absolutely love about Kylee is she CAN NOT resist the urge to have at least one double exposure in her set. Once she conquered this in her camera, she became a boss, and I mean that in so many ways. I have not seen one double exposure that didn't knock my socks off! Her angles and composition are spectacular as she has a huge art background and its crazy how things become subconscious and show through in such an effortless way.

I mean really how do you not love these?

Another thing about Kylee is she truly captures a couple for what they are. And what they are worth to eachother. As I was applying Blayre's makeup for this day, I met her man for the first time and they truly complete eachother and have come so far in their journey. Their comfort and security between the two of them is unreal, and its an effortless kind of love. I would also be in love with Blayre if she baked all the amazingly tasty things that she does. Cause once I had a taste you wouldn't be able to get rid of me, especially with my terrible sweet tooth! Blayre is the creator of Flouretta Sweet and please if you have not seen her creations, your missing out. She is a pastry BOSS.

I love the way he looks ar her in this image, and she doesnt even know it.

Walking in love with beautiful florals in hand, the simplistic beauty in this bouquet is elegantly stunning. Its the perfect balance to her dress. Sarah from Sarah's Floral Design created all things floral for this styled shoot and I am always happy to meet a new florist, at least new to me, so I can spread the word of her beautiful work.

Gotta end the blog with a story book ending, shes so soft and beautiful. I had full control of makeup for this shoot with the inspiration of bronze. Blayre is one I often see without makeup and she is beautiful without it but I wanted to see a little more on her for this look, and especially since its the first time I got to play with her face. I was feeling a full bronze eye, she has this lovely warm hair color and it just felt natural. Im sure you will see plenty more of all these ladies in my blogs to come, they are all a constant in this industry and im so thankful to know them all!

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