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The Willows at Ashcombs With Annie Minicuci

So here's to another styled shoot! Kylee B Photography and Annie Minicuci Photography set it all up along with Lost Pine Media. I love with theres multiple photographers cause it shows you just how different angles and editing make a photo. All these ladies have a slightly similar style but there attempts at photos are very different. It tells the same story in a different way. This blog will be all about Annie's shots, and Annie's work always tells such a soft romantic story. And some of these images really make me think of an old French painting in a museum. They are truly beautiful.

Painting, right? She edits it just right and its so soft, and the natural wind in the shot is really just story telling. And I know you always see me post about Blayre from Flourette Sweet, but this time she the one thats right before your very eyes! Blayre is baker by day and model in whatever little extra time she has left, I never got to put makeup on her before so I was really excited. and I was feeling a little on the bronzy side for it. And I think I made a good choice and she rocks this whole set. Not only is it her but it is her partner in crime, Brandon. Tell me hes not a natural!

This wooden bow tie is life! This is the second time I got to see one of these guys and I truly love the esthetic and I am a fan of bow ties in general so, add the hat and you got yourself a complete look.

as we sneak some more florals into this blog...

Sarah from Sarah's Florals made all these floral creations. I love the simplistic beauty of these designs. And the dress is from Vintage and Vine, they have an absolutely beautiful selection. So dont miss it!

And I know you keep getting peaks of this light and airy vail from Sew Glorious Creations.

This Venu is also to die for, I haven't been there personally myself yet. But I can only imagine, these images are only a glimpse. The lines, details and patterns are stunning.

yes her dress is glowing and I really with I could see the way this place is designed. I love the angles of all the hallways and rooms. and really I never ever thought that id want an all floral patterned bathroom the The Willows at Ashcombs really has it going on.

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