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Wedding with the Shirk's

I figured I should blog one of my last wedding of last year. She was a November Bride and as we all recoil a little when we hear covid, this is how I met these lovely ladies. Their previously booked artist had contracted covid and they needed an artist last minute. You always try to be as hopeful as possible that someone just happens to be available for your date and just a week before their date we were booked! A salon had reach out looking for any air brush artist and without a trial or really haveing no time for a trial befor the big day, she trusted me completely! and with that being said, have no doubt! You will always end up in good hands! Trust what the universe is telling you!

When she sat in my chair I knew she would be a breeze, She is someone who is naturally freckled but would prefer to have them mostly hidden and what I love about airbrush, is how natural full coverage can look! She looks like such a natural babe, and add her beautiful lace dress and florals. You couldnt ask for a more story telling romantic look then this.

They all had their hair done at Town and Country Salon in Elizabethtown, PA, so I got to check out the salon and get ready with the girls there. They had such a nice little upsatirs area for us to get ready in and its a nice little privatly owned salon so you really felt right at home.

Since it was so last minute in booking I was shocked at how easy going the whole crew was, and I am so in love with the color of these dresses! One of my favorite things trending really hard lately is same color, different cuts! Each of these cuts looks so natural on each form and it compliments everyone so differently and we all deserve to be comfortable for such a long full day event! But really, who doesnt love the intimate image of just the bride alone...its so romantic. and it reminds you of the calm before the storm, That moment where you at breathing in the whole day and are ready for it to unfold!

This can be you on your big day!

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